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Mr. Himanshu Goswami
Resident at ARK Homes

One of the biggest concerns that young people in Hyderabad have is whether they can afford to buy their dream home. Many assume that they can't buy a home until they're older enough to save up the money for a down payment. Many banks are coming forward to finance the entire cost of a house without having to pay the down payment. Another reason why youngsters are unable to decide is because they think they can't afford the monthly payment. In truth, most people's monthly mortgage payment is only marginally higher than the rent of the house they've rented. It is to be noted that the money paid as rent can never be seen again, but when the same amount is paid on a mortgage, one is actually investing on a property that can be sold later.

Also, more and more youngsters are buying homes because it makes good sense for tax reasons. The interest paid on the home is deductible on the tax returns. Essentially, the home buyer can use it to lower the net income, which in turn lowers tax liability.

Mr. Himanshu Goswami, bought a home at ARK Homes not just because of his penchant for sense of ownership, but also as an investment. His search was very long-drawn before he finally decided on ARK Homes. He says, "From Manikonda to Begumpet to Bandlaguda on the outer ring road to Dilsulhnagar, my search for home was futile because either the price was too high or the location was not right or there was a water problem. There were issues galore. But everything changed when I came and met the team here at ARK Homes. They were patient with my questions, friendly in their approach and upright in their dealings. I think it is not only a great home, but also a great investment." He adds, "The unique thing about ARK Homes is that there are no common walls, and ample spacing between flats. Even though you are living in a flat, you feel like you're living in an independent house."

He is also happy that his dad spends time with his friends who are also neighbours at ARK Homes. Mr. Himanshu Goswami says, "I moved into this place 4 months ago on October 4th, 2011. The most important factor was the price. I've been hunting for a home for quite a long time. I didn't get this price anywhere else. Also, my dad's friends have also bought homes here, and since I'm out of home most of the time due to my job, he has company here."

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