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Mr. Meher Baba
Central Govt. Employee

The question that boggles a property developer is while buying a new house what is the most important consideration for the buyer. Many profess it is the location that plays in the mind during the decision-making process. And it probably is. Our numerous interactions with hundreds of customers points to the fact that the travel time to the workplace is significant.

ARK Homes is that perfect location which is away from the din of the city, yet close to urban conveniences. Our residents simply love the neighborhood and their neighbors. ARK Homes scores big on access to parks, shopping, schools, and above everything else, public transportation. All city areas and services are accessible by public transport, with good connections and well-marked routes and vehicles. The MMTS service which will begin soon is all set to lessen the distance even further.

Mr. Meher Baba, a happy customer says, "When we first came here, we were a little apprehensive about the distance we had to travel, but now, after we started living, the location is so good that we don't want to live anywhere else. We completely trusted Mr. Ram Reddy, and the distance we had to travel from our workplace didn't seem long after we started living here. The MMTS service is also starting very soon. When pricing and quality is good then distance doesn't make much of a difference."

Quality has also been a crucial deciding factor for Mr. Meher Baba during the purchase decision. He says, "We came to know about ARK Infra when they constructed a building at our workplace. We were quite impressed with the quality of construction, and when we inquired if they also construct homes, they informed us about ARK Homes. I visited the site along with my colleagues, and found it to be nice. We placed our trust on the builder, Mr. Ram Reddy, paid advances immediately and booked our flats. We are very happy with what was delivered to us. He has given us a beautiful home at a very reasonable price."

He also praised Mr. Ram Reddy and his team. In his words, "The quality of construction is excellent. The entire buying experience was very smooth and nice. We never had to ask twice for anything. Everything was offered to us on a platter. Mr. Ram Reddy's team is efficient, disciplined and offer prompt attention for every query that we pose. All our requirements have been fulfilled without any hassles or follow-up. Apart from me, another 25 colleagues of mine have booked apartments here, and all of them are very happy with their purchase decision."

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