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Mrs. Padmavathi - W/o Mr. Gowrishankar

Many of the advantages of owning a home are intangible - the sense of pride in ownership is unparalleled. Buying a home is still as inviting as it ever was, but the question that boggles everyone's mind is, when is the right time to buy?

With a lot of vitriolic talk about 'how investing in the real estate is not sensible' making the rounds, it is true that many investors have stayed away from investing on homes. The primary reason behind such a situation is pure speculation. In truth, the prices at which a home can be bought are way below the figure it was being sold say 5 years ago. Investment gurus opine that homeownership offers many financial and commonsense advantages, including having a place to call your own, tax savings, and appreciation in the value of your home.

Mrs. Padmavathi, a homemaker at ARK Homes, is very happy with her husband's decision to buy a home. She says, "Every one of us dreams of owning a house. We realized our dream by buying our home at ARK Homes. We got to know about ARK Homes through a friend of ours. When we spoke to the management team, we found them to be genuine. The price they were quoting was also very less when compared to other projects. Within a week, we finished all formalities and bought this home. It is also a nice investment option."

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