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Mrs. RV Lakshmi, M/O Mr. RVS Uma Maheshwara Rao
Resident of ARK Homes

ARK Homes is a gated community that offers its residents the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities close to their own homes. An external security agency has been entrusted with the job of protecting the community. To enter, any non-resident has to pass through a gate where a uniformed guard will note down the name and other details before letting them in.

The residents here feel a sense of safety that they never felt when they lived elsewhere. Mrs. RV Lakshmi, a septuagenarian resident of ARK Homes says, "We got to know about the project through a friend of my son. The moment we saw the location, we booked a flat here. The staff here is very cordial and helped us with not only the buying process, but during the construction of our home. Whatever promised was delivered to us on time and I must add that they have exceeded our expectations. The security here is so good that I'm not scared here by myself; I wouldn't feel that way anywhere else. We have recommended ARK Homes to many of our relatives and friends, some of them even booked their flats."

The residents are happy that there is no traffic or vehicular movement throughout the neighborhood and they feel safe about letting their children play outside. Mrs. RV Lakshmi adds, "I am fully happy and satisfied with our home at ARK Homes. I hope ARK Infra build many more projects like these and provide dream homes to a lot of aspiring people."

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